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Holding the setting sun

Watching the sun set over the Atlantic from the Westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca, Portugal


Service, Community, and Miscellaneous

  • theoreticalatlas.wordpress.com
    My blog is a record of thoughts that arise from my research, experiences as a mathematician, and whatever else I find interesting to share. Mathematics consists entirely of merely conventional signs -- which, too, we need to navigate the real world. Without them, our understanding is quite perfect and absolute -- and blank. I enjoy the discussions with others through the blog, and sharing interesting notions I pick up along the way.
  • Helped Mount Allison students prepare for the Putnam Mathematics Competition
  • Assisted graduate students with research projects in Research Training Group 1670, University of Hamburg
  • Mentor to new Graduate Teaching Assistants in UC Riverside Math Department

Events Organized


I have done work as a referee for some journals:
  • Differential Geometry and its Applications
  • Journal of Mathematics Physics
  • Letters in Mathematical Physics
  • Science China Mathematics